Free Doll Beret Pattern

Doll Beret

Traditional Beret
Materials: worsted weight yarn
size 4 needles or size to give gauge of:
4 1/2 sts. = 1", 7 rows = 1"

= increase
= decrease
= knit 2 stitches together
= purl 2 stitches together

Beginning at ribbed edge, cast on 48 sts.
Row 1:
*K2, p1,* repeat from * to * across row.
Row 2:
*K1, p2,* repeat from * to * across row.
Row 3:
Repeat row 1.
Row 4:
Repeat row 2.
Row 5: (Increase row)
Knitting, (increase 1, k6, inc. 1)6 times, turn.
Row 6:
Purl all 60 sts.
Row 7: (Increase row)
(K4, inc.1, inc.1, k4)6 times.
Row 8:
Purl all 72 sts.
Row 9: (Increase row)
Knitting, (inc.1, k10, inc.1)6 times.
Row 10:
Purl all 84 sts.
Row 11: (Increase row)
(K6, inc.1, inc.1, k6)6 times.
Row 12 - 14:
Continue working in stockinette stitch on the 96 sts. (purl even rows, knit odd rows)
Row 15: (Decrease row)
Knitting, (k2tog., k12, k2tog.)6 times.
Row 16:
Purl all 84 sts.
Row 17: (Decrease row)
(K5, k2tog., k2tog., k5)6 times.
Row 18:
Purl all 72 sts.
Row 19: (Decrease row)
Knitting, (k2tog., k8, k2tog.)6 times.
Row 20:
Purl all 60 sts.
Row 21: (Decrease row)
(K3, k2tog., k2tog., k3)6 times.
Row 22:
Purl all 48 sts.
Row 23: (Decrease row)
Knitting, (k2tog., k4, k2tog.)6 times.
Row 24:
Purl all 36 sts.
Row 25: (Decrease row)
(K2tog., k2, k2tog.)6 times.
Row 26:
Purl all 24 sts.
Row 27: (Decrease row and last row)
(K2tog.)12 times.

Finishing: You will want to break off the yarn approximately a foot away from your last knitted stitch. Pull the yarn through each loop on the needle, sliding each stitch off the needle so that the yarn is threaded through all the stitches. Pull the yarn tightly and thread through a sewing needle. Secure in place so that the stitches are tight and there isn't a hole where the yarn has been drawn through the loops. Use the yarn to sew the beret seam.

A pom pom or tassel may be sewn to the top of the beret for decoration, if you choose.

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